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We have a limited number of lock-ups in our buildings available for rent to tenants for an annual charge. If you are interested in renting a lock-up, contact


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Compost toilet

We have a two-chamber compost toilet on site, in front of the Seed Store building. At any one time, only one chamber is in use. Please do not put anything other than what comes naturally (and toilet paper or paper towel) into the toilet.


There is a basin for hand-washing using rainwater pumped with energy from a solar panel.

Liquid soap and toilet paper are provided.

A team maintains the toilet and welcomes volunteers.

Offers of help to:


The urinal (built into the front wall of the Seed Store) is provided for men.


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First aid

A basic first aid kit is kept in the shed at the main gate. Plotholders are reminded that they are responsible for their own safety. It is good practice to have a first aid kit on your plot.


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