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The Royal Paddocks Allotments’ data protection policy, which has been in place since 2010, has been updated to follow the requirements of the Data Protection Act (May 2018). We hold only a small amount of personal data, which is given to us by each member when becoming a tenant. These contact details are governed by the following rules


  • the reason for any access to personal data is to be clearly defined, and the data will not be used for other purposes unless authorised by the Plotholders’ Committee, which would only be done in a way consistent with the Data Protection Act.
  • the person holding the data will take reasonable measures to keep the data secure.
  • a plotholder’s contact details will never be given to a third party, including other plotholders, without the former’s permission, with the exception of our email mailing service Mailchimp - see below.
  • we store plotholders’ names and email addresses remotely in our password-protected account at our email mailing service, Mailchimp, whose privacy policy is at
  • data will not be kept for longer than is necessary for the efficient running of the allotments.
  • once the reason for someone to have the data is no longer relevant, he or she will return any printed copies to the Chairman of the Plotholders’ Committee and delete any computer files.
  • once someone is no longer a plotholder, their contact information will be deleted.


We will ask Plotholders to confirm their agreement to this policy when they take a tenancy and at each rent renewal. If you ever have a complaint about the way your data has been used by us, it can by taken up with the Chairman, our Management Committee and ultimately, if you are not satisfied with the outcome, with the office of the Information Commissioner.


Plotholders Committee 2022
Contact person: Karen Saywell (Chairman)