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The RPA is lucky to be sited over a shallow aquafer, providing our own supply of water just a few feet below ground. It is thanks to the forethought of the original plotholders that the first bores were sunk and the original pumps installed. Since those early days, many new pumps have been added, most recently in 2023, when eleven new bores were sunk. Most are bedding in well, but some of the new pumps are still bringing up sand and some may need as much as a full watering can to prime. If a pump stops working; if you have any concerns about the pumps in general; or if you just need a bit of advice, the pump team are here to help and can be contacted at:


Most pumps have a sign with instructions for use: please take the time to read them.


Priming the pump:

Lift the handle and pour water in the slot on top of the pump until it starts to come out of the spout. The cylinder is now full so start pumping while continuing to pour water into the slot. Resistance felt on the handle indicates that the pump is starting to lift water. Continue pumping with firm steady strokes.


RPA pump

Keeping the tank water clean

The tank must not be used for washing ANYTHING - tools, boots, vegetables, hands, dogs etc - as soil-borne diseases and viruses can spread this way.


Sharing the pumps

The RPA is, or should be, a cooperative venture. Think of other plotholders and never leave the tank empty. It is perfectly OK to fill clean watering cans directly from the tank but you must replace the water that you have bailed out. If a pump fails, never empty the tank - the pump team will need that water to work on the pump.



We are in favour of children being shown how the pumps work and where our water comes from. But children must be supervised. The pumps are not toys and the water is not fit for drinking.


Winter Lay-up

The pumps are decommissioned for the winter to protect them from frost damage and are back in action early spring.


Water Harvesting

If you have a shed on your plot, we would encourage you to fit guttering and a water butt. It is surprising how much water can be collected and it can help ease the load on the pumps.


Remember, if in doubt, contact the Pump Team at:


Map of RPA pumps 2023


Click here to view/download a larger PDF version of the map.